Epic 80 800 Home Theater System

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Are you looking for a home theater system that defines loud, clean and accurate? Do you have a large space where you want to make movies come alive and parties truly rock? Look no further. Axiom’s Epic 80-800 home theater system delivers across the board.

The sonic anchors of this system are the critically acclaimed M80 towers that transform musical recordings into live performances and the earthmoving EP800 subwoofer that delivers a truly audiophile ultra-deep bass experience. Whether you are watching the latest action flick or a casual get-together has turned into a dance party, this system produces sound that is loud, clean, and accurate.

No matter if the music is rock, pop, hip-hop, classical, jazz, opera, or movie soundtracks, the M80-800 remains true to the musical source and delivers slam and impact for rock, or refined and spacious vocals and orchestral sound.

Let’s break it down.  The 39.5-inch-tall M80 main towers, with six drivers, including dual 6.5-inch woofers, dual 5.25-inch midranges and dual tweeters, achieve high dynamic range and excellent, clean, high-volume performance with an airy, spacious soundstage and neutral, high-accuracy music reproduction.  According to Brian Kahn of AudioRevolution,

“The M80s have the sonic chops to reproduce sound that keeps up in quality with your high-definition picture.”

The EP800 DSP 800-watt subwoofer is the deepest (down to 13 Hz anechoic response), the smoothest (the DSP controls every frequency from 13 Hz to 150 Hz never deviating more than 1 db through the entire range) and the cleanest loudest bass possible with no distortion.

The center channel is the all-new VP180. The VP180 center's six drivers and two ports have exceptional power handling and wide dispersion for fine dialog intelligibility and a seamless front soundstage.

Coupled with the EP800 sub, the Epic 80 will handle hundreds of watts per channel with music or movie soundtracks. The QS8 quadpolar surrounds, with four drivers each, deliver an astonishing sense of envelopment in the ambient surround sound field with movies or music.

This system is available in 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.4 Dolby Digital configurations. We have the experience and expertise to help you choose the perfect system!

(Note: the M80 tower's impedance is 4 ohms. Big rooms call for a separate power amplifier for the M80 towers. An A/V receiver rated to drive 4-ohm loads without overheating or shutting down is recommended. Call Axiom for recommended receivers or amplifiers that will drive the 4-ohm M80s.)

Questions We Get All the Time

What size room does this work in?

Best For: Average to very large living rooms, great rooms, dedicated home theaters

How much power does my receiver need for these speakers?

Power Required: Home theater receivers that are compatible with four-ohm speakers; 50 to 400 watts per channel. Also consider separates.


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